Sydney Walsh

Actor - Director - Educator

Teaching Philosophy-- I believe that the work of the actor includes (but is not limited to)-- a deep interest in playfulness, a need for meaningful communication, a curiosity about other cultures, times and beliefs, a commitment to connecting with others, the love of tribe and working in an ensemble and the challenge of imagining situations outside of our own contexts. I believe that the work of an actor is essential to all human learning and growth. I believe that working in the theatre helps us to understand how to work outside the box and how to work with others . As artists we read great texts to bring them to life . We hope that our efforts can offer an entryway into the world that we live in and other worlds. I believe that teaching/learning the craft of acting can benefit anyone, anywhere , anytime because it is fun and healing. Non-actors or students interested in other disciplines are given the tools to ask "what if". Our job is to examine human experience and to experiment--- to hold a mirror up to the world and to say "this is who we are"-- but "what if" we were this instead ---or "what if" we were that.....Let's see what happens if we play, if we explore. I believe that the art of acting is essential to our health, to our wellbeing and to our imaginations ....that playfulness is the key to all great endeavors.

Teaching Experience
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