Stephen Godwin

Actor - Developer - Educator

My style as an educator and director is to facilitate opportunities for playful invention. For me as an actor it is the behavior of the character that is the key to discovery. I see teaching and directing as an opportunity to experience teamwork. When the focus is on exploration, curiosity, a willingness to get beyond our comfort zone and we bring an openness to receive from others then the acting experience takes off. Everyone learns how to bring their best game. I love sports. I have coached a variety of team sports, am an avid tennis player and am an avowed fan. When I watch a great soccer team I am inspired by the enthusiasm and focus and passion and I seek the same dedication for the stage. My career has an actor has often given me the good fortune of working with many fine directors and in many fine companies where teamwork was the key to artistic aliveness and success. The physical warm up is key for me as it establishes an atmosphere of preparation and awakens the instrument to receive and pass the ball. That is what is so great about acting. It wakes us up to live fully in the moment.

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