Sally Smythe

Actor - Director - Educator

The actor, writer and director bring to every project a wealth of personal experience and a deep humanity with which to embrace the material. Acting engages me on so many levels. Whether I am learning a part or directing a play or writing a scene there are new worlds opening up before me both inside and out. I love discovering the physical of environment of a piece and the way it makes my body feel and that often there are new ways to bring forth what is already inside of me as well as thresholds to cross. I love how much I learn from the playwright and from my fellow actors and that there is a journey involved in which everyone is invested and that there is level of becoming for us all and that there is evolution of some sort-of thought patterns, of movement, of belief systems, of artistry. I am intrigued by the embodiment of dream energy and how this material feeds the actor and writer and engages the imagination and spirit. I love exploring physical life and to invite physical play into the warm up and to use the viewpoints and other creative movement to create a heightened awareness and connectivity in the room. I believe the creative can be ignited in a variety of ways and I believe that it is essential for the human spirit to engage in opportunities to be creative. Let the play begin.

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