A New Practice

Six Week Summer Workshop
July and August

We will be finding a common physical language, employing the viewpoints and kinesthetic awareness and slowly explore the phenomenon of surrendering to the Other, the group, the beloved we.

Practicing a kind of stillness and presence perhaps foreign to us we find ourselves in the moment to moment midst of a common choreography which is by turns exhilarating, enlivening and playful.

Our work and play will culminate at the end of each session in a composition employing music and spoken text.

We encourage a commitment for the whole six weeks but it is not a requirement.

July 24 thru August 28
Five Saturdays 10 am - 1 pm
One Sunday August TBD

Class Requirements

  • Viewpoints and or Movement experience necessary
    (including modern dance, yoga, improv, Suzuki)

  • Proof of vaccination required

For those unfamiliar to Workshop send an email with A New Practice in the subject line ssmythe@actorsspace.com and describe your interest and experience with movement and acting.
Donations accepted

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