FOR AGES 6-12, SPRING 2024

Improv is more than just saying "Yes, and..." Through this supportive, FUN class series, kids can build confidence, learn the basics of improvisation through games and scene work, learn to take up space and use their voice, get used to thinking on the spot and using creative problem-solving skills, and build characters to use in improv scenes.

Mason Smajstrla

Mason Smajstrla is a high-energy stand-up comic, actor, and educator living in Los Angeles. Mason worked professionally in New York City doing stand-up, musical comedy, acting, voiceover, and improv for over 4 years. Mason has a BFA in Acting from Otterbein University in Ohio, but she is originally from the great state of Texas.



Sundays, 4pm - 5:30pm

Free Demo Class on March 10!

Regular Session: March 17 - May 5 (8 total classes)


Class on March 10 is a free demo!

Regular Rate: $35 per class

Paid in full at start of session on March 17

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